How do I delete a credit note?

Updated on April 17, 2019 03:07AM by Admin

The Credit Notes App lets you note customers easily, and integrates with sales information already stored. You can create a note for Credit purchase, Overpayment, Product return. It also allows you to delete a credit note using delete icon which is provided near all credit notes.

Steps to Delete a Credit Note

  1. Log in and access the Credit Notes App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Select a “Credit Note Type” from the dashboard. For instance, Over Payment.
    Select credit note type
  3. You can view all overpayment credit notes in the dashboard.
    Overpayment dashboard
  4. Click on “Delete” icon near the credit note to be deleted.
  5. You will receive delete confirmation popup as shown below:
    Deletion confirmation 

Note: You cannot “Edit” or “Delete” a credit note applied to customers.

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