How does email reminder work in the Estimates App?

Updated on September 24, 2020 06:28AM by Admin

The Estimates App of Apptivo allows you to send email reminders to your customers. You can customize the reminder to send emails automatically or add them to the reminder queue.

Steps to configure email reminder

  • In the Estimates App of Apptivo, go to Settings → Estimates → Reminders.

  • Select Create in the Reminders page to create a new reminder. In the Create Reminder popup, add the following details.
    • Days Before Expiration - The days before which you would like to send a reminder.
    • Message Template - Choose the template for the reminder. These templates are configured from the Email → Email Templates section in the Settings.
    • Reminder Send Option - In this, you can choose either to send email automatically or show the estimate in the reminder queue.
Create Reminder

  • On selecting create, a new reminder is created.
Reminder Created

  • When the “Reminder send option” is selected as Automatically Send, an email will be sent on the day configured from the days of expiration.

  • When the “Reminder send option” is selected as Show in Reminder Queue, the estimate will be added to the Reminder Queue on the day configured from the date of expiration.
Reminder Queue

  • You can click on the estimate to compose the email and send a reminder from the Reminder Queue page.
Compose From Queue

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