How do I add competencies, qualifications and compensation element for position?

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Recruitment app allows you to add qualifications, competencies and compensation element to the recruiters. Following steps, guides to add those things.

Steps to Add Competencies

  1. Log in and access Recruitment app from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Create a new position or select an existing position.
  3. You can view the following options:
    • Competencies 
    • Qualification 
    • Compensation element
      overview page


The candidate's ability which specifies the sufficient knowledge, skills, and behaviors in an individual candidate to that position.

  1. Select the competency using add button which is placed on the line of competency.
  2. Once you have selected the competency, click on Add button to complete.
    select competancy


The professional qualifications required for the position.

  1. Click on "Add" button to add qualifications. 
  2. Select the relevant qualifications for the position.

select qualification

Compensation Element

This is a reward factor for this positions, you can satisfy the candidate by a hike in salary, providing the effective incentives and sign on bonus based on the candidate’s performance.

  1. Click on Add button to select the compensation element.
  2. Once select the compensation element, will click on Add button.

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