How do I Track Renewals of Existing Insurance Plans?

Updated on November 3, 2016 11:14PM by Admin

You have the ability to create the renewals in order to have the complete record of related insurance. This includes the broker information, contact and the renewal date. The created broker will be reflected in the Suppliers App, the actual value of broker field is fetched from suppliers. This information will be useful in the future to track the complete record of a particular insurance.

Steps to Create the Renewals

  1. Log in and access Insurance Tracker App from your universal navigation panel. 
  2. Once you've created with the new insurance You can view the created insurance in the overview page with the renewals section.
    insurance overview
  3. If you want to extend the insurance throughout, you can create more renewals using the same or different broker (agent).
  4. Click on “Create” button.
  5. Start typing in the field, the broker(agent) name auto populates the “Broker” field or search and select the broker's name.
    create renewals
  6. From the “Broker Contact” drop down, choose the contact for the selected broker or can create the new contact.
  7. Start typing the “Provider”, it will auto populate the field or search and select the provider name.
  8. Enter the amount for selected broker and set the renewal date.
  9. Make sure to click on “Create” button.
    listed agent 
  10. The created renewals will be displayed in the list. You can edit or delete them using action icons.

All Insurances

Once you've created the insurance, you can find all the created insurance for your business in the “All Insurances” menu in the left navigation.
all insurances

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