How does your Apps Integrate with G Suite for My Business?

Updated on November 7, 2022 10:11PM by Admin

What is G Suite?

G Suite is a cloud based tool offered by Google. It helps to all type of business, particularly small medium business can take more advantage. You could connect all the tasks in one place and get the work done. Apptivo’s part in G Suite,

  • Apptivo for G Suite helps your business in many ways. All the apps have their unique functionality.
  • Collaborate and communicate with your team members in a centralized place.
  • Synchronize your Contacts, Calendar and Tasks from Google to Apptivo and share with your business users.
  • All the business data sync securely.

How does G Suite integrate with Apptivo?

Apptivo & G Suite work together to make your business more efficient, by integrating the various applications you use every day.  You can install Apptivo apps on the G Suite Marketplace, which enable several new features present both on your Google web pages, as well as Apptivo pages.  These integrations include many various tools which will let you link data together, and keep data in sync across apps.

Feature of Apptivo G Suite

  1. Share business contacts to all your domain users.
  2. Import your employee data directly from Google into the Apptivo Employees App to manage all employment details.
  3. Sync your contacts with all devices on the go.
  4. Not only contact data is synced with Google, schedule appointments with your prospects, manage follow up tasks, all integrated with Google.
  5. Supports unlimited users and Contacts
  6. Made documents sharing easy.
  7. Team up the documents only to allowed users.

What features integrate with G Suite?

  • Contact Sharing – Share your contacts with all your employees securely.
  • Calendar Sync – Sync over your Call Log and .Appointments as events in Google Calendar.
  • Tasks Sync – Sync all your Projects and other tasks into Google with separate list.
  • Google Docs / Drive Search your drive account, and link documents or folders to any documents tab in Apptivo.
  • Google Forms  -  Capture your leads and store into Google spreadsheet and Apptivo Leads app.
  • Email Signature – Sync employee signature and use it in Gmail and Apptivo.

How can I setup G Suite integration for my business?

  1. Apptivo Main App
    When you install the Apptivo Main App “CRM, Invoicing, Project Management & Timesheets software”, you will see and get access to all the apps available in Apptivo. You could enjoy the complete suite if you activate contacts sharing too.
  2. Free G Suite Contacts Sharing
    When you install the Apptivo Contacts sharing App, you will see Employees, Teams and Contacts apps only.
  3. Apptivo HR Signature App
    When you install the Apptivo Free Email Signature Management App with HR Tracker, you will see Employees App only.

You can install Apptivo G Suite for your domain by navigating to the G Suite Marketplace and installing one of our apps. Soon you can enjoy tightly integrated communications across your business platforms. All data syncs across the apps, restrict users by assigning roles. Manage everything under one roof.