How do I Generate Report for Suppliers by Category?

Updated on August 12, 2021 07:12AM by Admin

In the Suppliers App, these Reports are generated on the basis of the supplier category. A category may be of any type based upon suppliers’ work.

Steps to Generate Reports of Suppliers by Category

  • Log in and access Suppliers App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the Reports icon at the app header bar. 

  • Click on Suppliers by Category in General Reports.

  • Select a category from a category dropdown list.

  • Enter the Created From and To date.
  • Then, click on the View Report button to view the result in the dashboard itself.
Created From

  • Click on the Export button to export the result in an excel sheet.

  • By selecting the All Fields, you can export the report with all the Fields in the Supplier app.
  • By Selecting the All Fields with Table’s, you can export the report with the tables in the excel sheet.
  • By selecting the Current view, you will get the exported report with the currently displayed list of columns in the Excel Sheet.
Excel File

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