How do I View Single Project Report for a Period?

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Single Project Report

A single project report which allows you to request either a summary or a highly detailed report of Project created during a selected project.

Steps to view the single project report for a period,

  1. Log in and access Project App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on Reports icon from the header bar.
  3. Click on “Single Project” in "General Reports".
  4. Set the report attributes
    - Start typing the “project name” as it will auto-populate the existing project list.
    - Set the “start and end date”.
    single project
  5. It will display the project report if the start and end date of the project matches with which you provided here.
  6. Click on View report to view the report.
    view single project
  7. Click on Export to generate the reports in excel format.
  8. The excel sheet comprises with the project parameters like Parent Project Name, Sub Project, Milestone, Tasks, Task Assignee, Start And End Date, Status, Priority, And Customer (note: if the custom field is included).
    report exported
  9. Depending on the tasks involved in a project it will be displayed.

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