How do I View Cases By Type?

Updated on October 14, 2016 03:33AM by Admin

You can find all the created Cases based on their type. Under “By Type” while creating a case you have to select a case type manually to which it is related. The Cases App not only supports grouping under different types but also allow you to create your own case type.

  • Product question -  Cases related to products.
  • Technical issues - Cases related to technical.
  • Product purchases - Cases related to product purchased by the customers.
  • Partnership opportunities - Cases related to Partnership opportunities.
  • Other - Cases of other types.
  • Feature requests - A new feature that a customer has requested.
  • Feedback - Customer input on changes and improvements.
  • Report a problem - Cases related to customer reported problem. 

Steps to view Cases by Type

  1. Log in and access Cases App from your universal navigation menu bar.  
  2. Click on “By Type” from left navigation panel.   
  3. Choose the preferred type you would like to view case lists. For instance: Resource request.
    View By Type
  4. Click on "More" icon to overview case information.
  5. You can also delete a case or many cases by using the "Bulk Action", if needed.

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