How do I Convert Lead into an Opportunity?

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A sales opportunity is a qualified prospect who has a good chance of becoming a potential customer. When you convert a lead in Apptivo CRM, the system takes you through the various stages such as the creation of new accounts, contacts, and opportunities. All this happens while associating the data with the information already in its system.

Apptivo CRM makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to generate and follow-up with leads, keep track of the sales pipeline, and finally close deals. The primary aim of this CRM software is to ease the tasks of the marketing and sales teams of your organization and guide the user in the processes of converting the lead into opportunities.

Steps to convert leads to an opportunity

  • Log in and access Leads App from your universal navigation menu.
  • Click on the More icon and select Settings.

  • Click on the Leads drop-down. Select Conversion from the left navigation panel. 
  • In the conversion dashboard, Click ON opportunity which allows you to convert leads into opportunity.
  • All your changes will be auto-updated.

  • Select a lead you would like to convert and click on the Convert button.

  • You can also convert this lead into a customer, contact otherwise skip to opportunity.

  • Provide opportunity information and specify a close date which is mandatory.
  • Then, click on the Convert button at the bottom of the page.

  • Opportunities will get created.

  • You can view the created opportunities from the Opportunities app.

Conversion flow of lead

  • You can convert a lead into a contact the standard lead fields are automatically converted to the contact that will be associated with the customer. 
  • You can convert a lead into a customer the standard lead fields are automatically converted to the customer.

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