How do I setup Email notifications?

Updated on December 23, 2015 05:44AM by Admin

There are two types of email notifications available: Assignment alerts & Email notifications.

Assignment Alerts

Assignment alerts are automated email alerts sent to you when you are assigned to any object. Receive alerts whenever there is a change in your assigned objects, for example: if you are assigned to the project as project manager, one of your team change the status of the project, in this case you will be alerted through the mail. 

Email Notifications

The “Email Notifications” is the common feature found in all Apps, it is fed by enabling or disabling the “Email Feed” check box. You can set your notification preferences across the entire app as well as the individual feature and enable or disable the notifications.

To disable all email notifications, simply uncheck all the boxes. If the box is checked, you have opted to receive notifications for events of that type.

Configure the notifications for the following Apps,