How do I Record Payments for Invoices Sent?

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When you receive an invoice payment electronically, it automatically records the payment for you. But, this gives you a backup to perform manually as well. Navigate to the Invoices App, and view the invoice that you have been paid for. In the upper right corner, there is a button for “Record Payment”.  

Steps to Record Payments for Invoices

  • Login and access Invoice app from your universal navigation bar
  • Click on “By Status”, and select “Sent" at the left navigation panel.

  • Choose any of the invoices and click on "Record Payment" button next to Bulk action.

     Provide the following:
  • Payment Type -  Enter the mode of payment 
  • Reference Number  - Enter the number for your reference
  • Amount - The amount that has to be invoiced
  • Payment Date - The last date to pay your invoice
  • Notes - You can send notes along with the customer
  • Toggle button - Enable Toggle "ON" for Invoices which need to be marked as paid
  • # of unpaid invoices - Displays the number of unpaid invoices
  • # of paid invoices - Displays the number of paid invoices
  • Total unpaid invoices - Total amount of paid invoices
  • Total Paid invoices -Total amount of unpaid invoices

    Record Payment
  • Click on "Save" Button to complete

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