How to set the Assignment Rules in Leads App?

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Assignment Rules automatically help users to assign incoming leads to the most appropriate sales representative or team based on predefined criteria.

For instance, say a software company XYZ specializes in providing enterprise solutions have implemented Apptivo CRM to manage their leads and monitor their sales pipelines. XYZ company uses Apptivo's Leads Assignment Rule to efficiently distribute leads and streamline the assignment process. XYZ opted for a round robin assignment method, which assigns leads sequentially among sales team members based on their listing order. This ensures a fair workload distribution and maximizes the chances of converting leads into valuable customers.


  • Assignment rules are applied when creating a lead, and are not applicable when updating a lead.

Steps to Set the Assignment Rules

  • Log in and access the Leads App from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Settings from the app header.
Lead settings
  • Under the settings left navigation panel, go to Leads → Assignment Rules.
Assignment rule
  • Enable the Assignment Rule Toggle and Click on the Create button to create a new assignment rule.
  • In the Create Assignment Rule page, add a Name and Description for the assignment rule. To keep the rule active, Enable the toggle.
  • The user has to set the Priority Score based on which the rule will be applied when more than one assignment rules satisfies the same criteria while creating a lead.
  • Assignment Rule with Highest Priority Score will be considered when two or more assignment rule satisfy the same criteria.
priority score
  • In the Criteria section, Configure the criteria for the rule to work.
  • Assignment Method:
  • The user can set any of the two assignment methods, static and round robin.
  • If you select the "Static" option, and the set criteria is met, the leads will be automatically assigned to the employee or desired team specified in the rule.
  • If the user wants to assign leads based on the lead source, set the criteria as "Lead Source = cold call".
lead source
  • Set the “Assigned to” Employee and click the create button.
assigned to
  • The created assignment rule will be available during automatic leads assignments. You can use Edit and Delete icons to update the assignment rule.
rule created
  • In “Round Robin” new assignment method, wherein the assignment of leads are equally distributed among the employees automatically. You can add up to a maximum of 50 employees.
round robin
  • When the toggle for "Consider Employee Work Shift" is enabled, the system will take into account the Work Shift of the employee. As a result, if an employee is available during that specific time of lead creation, the lead will be automatically assigned to him or her.
  • If the employee is not available, then the lead will be automatically assigned to the next available employee from the list.
if employee un-available
  • The leads will be assigned to employees listed here based on the “Round Robin” Method.
  • Say, when creating a new Lead in the leads app, the record will have default assigned to set as “Logged-in User” on the create form (e.g., Adam Smith)
adam smith
  • When the lead is created with the“Lead Source” value as “Cold call”, then “Assigned to” Value is automatically updated as Rachel John as per the Assignment rule configuration.
  • Similarly, the next new lead will be automatically assigned to the next available employee from the configured employee list.
rachel John


  • Users with settings access can create and manage the Assignment Rule.
  • The maximum number of rules supported per plan is as follows:Premium-5, Ultimate-10, Enterprise-15.
  • You can associate up to 25 different criteria in each rule entry.
  • When an employee listed in an assignment rule is terminated, the system will skip them and move on to the next configured employee in the rule.
  • In the event that an employee listed in an assignment rule is terminated, it's necessary to manually remove them from the rule in the settings.
  • When the lead matches the criteria for more than two rules, the rule with the highest priority score will be considered for assignment.
  • Apptivo recommends not creating Duplication Rules using the "Assigned to" field, as it may cause conflicts when choosing the “Round Robin” method.
  • If none of the criteria in the assignment rule is met, the leads will be assigned to the logged-in employees by default.

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