How do I Add multiple territories for Contacts through importing?

Updated on June 8, 2022 11:22PM by Admin

Sales Territory defines the geographical region in which your potential contacts reside. It may be based on the city, region, or country if your business is spread across the globe. Apptivo allows you to import multiple territories for your contacts and you can also create new territories while importing by following the simple steps.

Multiple Territories can be added to the contacts only if the Allow Multiple Territories toggle is enabled as shown below.

Contacts - Territories Enabled

Note: In order to add multiple territories, each territory needs to be separated with a “comma” as shown below.

Importing CSV

Steps to import:

  • Log in and access the Contacts app from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Import.
Contacts - Import
  • On the Import page, select CSV Imports and click on the Import button.
Contacts - Import button
  • You can import a New File or Update existing records. Click on the Browse button and select the CSV file from your computer and click on Next.
Contacts - Next
  • Map contacts fields to the respective CSV fields. Select the attributes that you would like to group from the “Grouping Attributes” dropdown. Make sure to map the mandatory fields.
  • Here, I’m only importing the territories of my contacts
  • Click on the Import button to import records.
Contacts - Mapping
  • You can view a warning popup that alerts you for standard mapping fields such as Contact Type, Market, etc. Click on the Import button.
Contacts - Pop up
  • You will view four validation steps:
    • Mandatory Values - Validates mandatory value association.
    • Data Format – Validates data format issues in CSV.
    • Duplicates – Validates duplicates in CSV.
    • Reference Data – Validates the association of other objects. This will associate existing objects; if there are new objects found in CSV, you are allowed to create new objects. For instance: Consider the Job Title field. If there are new Job titles in the CSV file, then you will be notified as shown in the image below. Mouse over the highlighted Job title field, where you can find the options to Create, Search, and Do not Import. Click on either the "+" icon or the "Create reference values & proceed" button to create a new job title at run-time, during the import.
  • Click on the Proceed button for each step.
Contacts - Proceed
  • If the “Allow Multiple Territories” is disabled. The first value in the territory column of the sheet will be imported as the territory for the contacts with multiple territories.
  • Once all the steps are complete, click on the Start Import button.
Contacts - Start import
  • Now all the imported territories will be available on their respective contacts. The contacts with multiple territories are also available as shown below.
Contacts - Updated Sabine