How do I download the Summary Table in Intelligence Dashboard?

Updated on April 4, 2022 07:15AM by Admin

A dashboard's objective is to provide you with the information you need at a glance. As a result, data is presented in the form of Charts and Summary tables. A summary table allows you to compare common research methods, findings, and limitations. You can download the Summary Table in CSV format by following the above steps.

Steps to download:

  • Log in and access the Opportunities app from the universal navigation menu.
Opportunities - ST
  • Click on the Dashboard dropdown and select the existing dashboard, you want to download or you can also create a new dashboard from the settings.
  • Here, I would like to download the existing dashboard summary table “Opportunities Amount”.
Opportunities - OA DB
  • Click on the More icon which is at the top right corner and select the Download CSV button.
  • The summary table will be downloaded in .CSV format and it includes the sum of the Amount.
Opportunities - Download CSV
  • Now the Dashboard Summary table is downloaded in CSV format as shown below.
Opportunities - Downloaded CSV