How do I export Case reports from the customer portal?

Updated on May 12, 2021 08:00AM by Admin

Apptivo provides a third party customer portal to connect with your customer individually. It allows you to provide access from your Apptivo Cases app as per your preferences. With that, the customers can eventually have the access to the cases that are raised for them or by them. Furthermore, they can export the Cases list on the excel file by using the bulk actions.

Click here to know how to create and provide access to the cases portal for your customers.

Steps to Export

  • Log in and access the Cases app from your customer portal.
  • Select the list of cases that you want to export.
Cases Portal

  • Click on the Bulk Actions and select Export → Select the file format .xls or .csv → Current view.
Bulk Actions

  • The case lists will be downloaded from the portal to the excel sheet.
  • You can view the case information table in the exported excel sheet.
Excel Sheet

  • You can also disable the function by disabling the bulk actions toggle from your Apptivo Cases app or you can provide the privileges for your customers to use the export option.
  • Go to Cases App from your Apptivo account.
  • Then, click on the More Details (...) → Settings → Security → Actions → Bulk Actions.

  • By disabling the Bulk Actions toggle, it will not be visible on the Cases portal for all cases portal users.

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