How to view the text messages associated with a contact in Apptivo?

Updated on December 28, 2020 05:07AM by Admin

The Contacts App of Apptivo enables you to easily view and manage the conversation associated with a contact. With this feature, you can easily filter the SMS of a particular contact. Additionally, this tab allows you to send new messages and also delete conversations.

Note: This feature is available only in the Ultimate and Enterprise plans of Apptivo.

Steps to view text messages

  • Log into your Apptivo account and go to the Contacts App. Navigate to Settings → Collaboration. Ensure that the SMS toggle is enabled to keep it active. The Privileges dropdown allows you to give access to selected employees. The privileges for employees are configured using the Employees App of Apptivo.

Please note the SMS option will appear in the overview page of contact only when the SMS toggle is enabled in the Collaboration section in the Settings page of the Contacts app and the Click to SMS feature is enabled in the Contact Center app.

Settings Page

  • Go to the overview page of a contact in the Contacts App. Here, select the SMS tab.
Contacts App

  • In the SMS tab, you can view the complete conversation with the contact through text message.
  • From this tab, you can send new text messages to the contact.
  • Also, you can click the Delete Conversation button to delete the text message history.

  • To view the text messages sent from a particular Nexmo Phone Number, select the phone number dropdown to view the corresponding text messages.