How can I sort the columns in Apptivo?

Updated on September 20, 2019 03:24AM by Admin

The sorting feature in Apptivo invoicing software allows you to sort the views in either ascending or descending order. This can be customized with the criteria. You can sort the views in all CRM and Financials Apps.

For Instance: Let us consider that you wanted to get a sorted view of the Invoices based on the contact and customer.

Steps to sort the views

Sort flow

  • Create one sort range called “Sort by contact” with Sort by as “Contact Name” and the Order is “Z → A”
  • And then by as “Customer Name” and the Order is “A → Z”.

Sort criteria

  • Now, go to the Settings → Customize App → List Layout.

List Layout

  • Select the created sort rage in the drop-down.
  • Go to “Show all” page.

Show All

  • By default, the table should sort based on the contact name in descending order (Z → A).
  • If the invoice is not having a contact name, then it should sort based on customer name in ascending order(A → Z).
  • If there are no values selected in the drop-down means the current flow should work (Sort based on created by field in ascending order).

Note: You can sort the view of both the custom and standard fields.