How do I associate apps to get a complete 360-degree view in Apptivo?

Updated on August 11, 2019 10:02PM by Admin

The 360-degree view tab in Apptivo allows users to view different object that is related to the current item viewed. Now users can view the associated data of the standard ref app and custom ref app in 360-degree tabs of all Apptivo Apps.

For Instance: Let us consider a flow of activities that should be managed by a Marketing executive. He is likely to find an opportunity and send them an estimate and if the opportunity is won, the customer places an order. The marketing executive has to ship the order and generate an invoice for the same. The entire process can be efficiently done only if he can manage all these processes as records and create an association between them.

Let us look into the steps of bringing in a 360-degree association between an opportunity, estimate, order, shipment, and invoice. So the example flow starts from Opportunities → Estimates → Orders → Shipment → Invoices. All these can be handled with the diverse apps available in Apptivo.

Steps to associate different Apptivo apps

Settings flow

  • Drag and drop a ref app from the Pallette.
  • Click on the ref app, name it as Opportunities and enable the 360-degree association toggle.

opportunity association

  • Save the changes in the master layout.
  • Now access the Opportunities app from the universal navigation bar.
  • Go to More options(...) → Settings → Opportunities → Conversion.
    Note: The 360-degree association of Apptivo apps can be only made with the Custom conversion.
  • Ensure if the conversion type is in Custom conversion.

Opportunity Conversion

  • Map the fields to the Estimates.
  • Choose Opportunities from the Save object reference drop-down.


  • Save the changes.
  • You can find the opportunities and estimates associated with each other.
  • Similarly, to associate the opportunities and estimates with the orders, access the Orders app from the universal navigation bar.

Orders Settings

  • Drag and drop the two ref apps from the palette.

Ref app fields

  • Enable the 360-degree association for both ref apps and name them Opp App and Est App respectively.

Reference objects

  • Select the respective apps, i.e., Opportunities for Opp App and Estimates for Est App in the Reference Object Details.
  • Now, access the Estimates app from the universal navigation bar.
  • Navigate to More Options(...) → Settings → Estimates → Conversion.
  • Select Mapping of Orders in the Custom Conversion.

Estimate Conversion

  • Choose Estimates from the Save object reference drop-down.
  • While mapping the fields, map the ref app Opt App to Opportunites as shown in the below image:

Mapping of est to orders

  • This will bring an association of Opportunities and Estimates App with the Orders App. Associate the remaining apps in similar ways:
    • Shipment App - Here add three ref app naming them as Opportunities, Estimates, and Orders. Map the Shipping conversion fields in the Orders App.
    • Invoices App - Here add four ref app naming them as Opportunities, Estimates, Orders, and Shipping. Map the invoice conversion fields in Shipment App.
  • Once done, you can find the apps, being associated with each other. You can find the same in the 360-degree tab of all the mentioned apps as shown below:

360-degree association