How do I configure Customer Association with Contacts in Apptivo?

Updated on December 29, 2018 05:14AM by Admin

The "customer" will be the business entity you are working with. The "contact" is the individual person/employee of the customer with whom you would be in constant touch until the deal is closed. For a B2B customer, associating a contact with the customer will be of significance and Apptivo lets you customize the customer association with Contacts, when customer reference is updated.

Consider you have associated a contact with a customer. Now when you associate that contact with another customer, this setting enables you to define the way of association. The following are the two possible ways of association:

  • Add this as a new association - The newly associated customer will be added as a new association, in addition to the previously associated customer.
  • Replace existing association - This will remove the already associated customer record and only have the new customer association.

Let's start off by going through the steps of how to customize the customer association with the contact.

Steps to configure Customer Association

  1. Log in and access the Contacts App.
  2. Go to Settings > Contacts > Customer Association.
  3. You can view the Customer Association setting in the right pane, where you can select the required option. Here, we are selecting "Replace existing association".
    customer contact association

  4. Changes will get auto-saved.
  5. Now, create a new contact or open an existing one. For instance: The contact record “Alvin Janelle” is associated with the customer “Jane Holy”.
    customer added

  6. Now when the customer reference is updated, the existing association with the customer (Jane Holy) will get removed and the new customer will be added as association.
    association changed