How do I Create Qualification Cycle in the Leads App?

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In business, the effective process is to identify the sales lead and track those leads. Apptivo leads management encompasses all your sales activities in converting your sales lead successfully.

A Qualification Cycle (Pipeline) is a step-by-step sales process of converting a lead, defining a set of lead statuses. The Apptivo qualification cycle consists of default lead statuses which will be assigned by default to all the leads created.

Steps to Create the Qualification Cycle

  • Login and access to the Leads App from the Universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on "More(...)" → "Settings" → "Leads" → "Qualification Cycle".

  • You can view the Qualification cycle page. Click on the “Create” button to create a new qualification cycle.
Qualification Cycle

  • Now, create a new Qualification cycle with the name “Standard lead statuses”. Enter the description and priority score to prioritize the qualification cycles when two or more conditions satisfy the criteria.

  • For this example, let us consider the “Lead Source” field. i.e when a lead is created with “Lead Source = Website”, this qualification cycle should get applied.
  • You can set the condition by using the Insert Attributes. Here, the condition is set as Lead Source is on the Website.
Insert attribute

  • Click on the “Add” button and add the corresponding lead statuses.
Add Lead status

  • The order of the lead statuses can be re-ordered accordingly, by using the drag and drop option.

  • Finally, click on “Create”. Your qualification cycle is created successfully.

  • Now create a new Lead with “Lead source as Website”, then you can view the qualification cycle being assigned as “Standard lead statuses” in the overview page.
Lead Source

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