How do I Customize Actions in the Ideas App?

Updated on August 4, 2020 03:24AM by Admin

Ideas App allows you to customize the Actions, where you can give privilege access to the authorized user to perform a particular action on their account.

Steps to Customize the Actions

  • Go to the “Ideas App” from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the “More(...)” icon and choose “Settings”.
Ideas App

  • Click on “Security” dropdown and select “Actions” from the left navigation panel.

  • Different actions listed below are available on the Actions page.
    • Bulk Action
    • Create
    • Delete
    • Home
    • Search/Advanced Search
    • Save As View
    • Settings
    • Side Panel
    • Dashboard
    • Display Dropdown
    • Schedule Follow Up
    • Trash
    • Target
    • Useful Links
  • With the privileges feature, you can provide selective access only to certain employees in your organization.

  • If needed, you can also completely hide a particular action. Consider removing bulk actions from the Ideas App.
Disabled Toggle

  • The action will not be visible in any view of the Ideas App.
Home Page

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