How do I Allow my Users to Perform Actions in the Targets App?

Updated on May 30, 2017 11:05PM by Admin

Apptivo has many advanced features which are disabled by default, to keep our app simple. Enable a feature here, and it will become instantly visible in all objects within this app.

In the Targets App “Settings”, the action level security allows you to enable/disable the app features and also provide access to the users who are deputed to perform the corresponding actions. Once the privilege is provided, the users with appropriate privilege can perform that activity on his account.

For instance: Consider a Superuser (Katie Dustin). He wants all of his employees to get involved in the process of sales, by creating new targets. In that case, by enabling the “Create” toggle, all of his employees will have the privilege to create new targets.

Steps to Allow my Users to Perform Actions

  1. Go to the Targets App.
  2. Click on “More (...)” icon -> “Settings” -> “Security” -> “Actions”.
    security actions
  3. Now, the following list of actions will be shown, where they can be customized according to your business needs:

    • Apps
      • Create
      • Home
      • Notifications
      • Reports
      • Search / Advanced Search
      • Settings
      • Sidepanel
      • Trash
      • Save As View

    • Object
      • Bulk Action
      • Delete
      • Display Dropdown
      • Export
      • Targets
      • Employees
      • Leads
      • Contacts
      • Customers
      • 360 Tab

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