How do I View the Bounced Reasons in Campaigns App?

Updated on November 29, 2021 06:14AM by Admin

When an email is bounced, this feature enables you to view the bounced reasons of an object (Leads, Customers & Contacts), while sending campaigns. To view the bounced reasons, initially, you need to slide the toggle ON in the Settings page.

Steps to View the Bounced Reasons

  • Access Leads App.
  • Click on the “More (...)” icon and select “Settings”.
  • On the Settings page, click on the “Customize App” and select the “Master Layout”.
  • Click on the Hierarchical View.
  • In the “Hierarchical View”, slide the toggle ON for “Bounced” and “Bounced Reasons”. Click on “Save”.

Hierarchical View

Note: Repeat the above three steps for Customers & Contacts also.

  • Once launched, click on the “Bounced” section in the “Dashboard” tab.
  • Now, the bounced reasons can be viewed.
More Details
  • It can also be viewed on the overview page of the object (Leads).
  • Also, you can have a detailed view of the Bounced Reason, by clicking on the icon in the Bounced Section. When you click on this icon, a pop up will appear, displaying the recent email bounced reason.
Bounced Reason

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