How do I Re-Launch a Campaign?

Updated on April 8, 2020 04:45AM by Admin

A campaign is a set of planned activities against the targeted people or an area for a particular product or a brand in a particular time. After a successful campaign, Re-Launching a campaign helps to save your time by creating a target list and designing sessions. In addition, you can prioritize the Targets for the campaign.

Let's consider, the Marketer Mr.Carter Alan is running a campaign for the Month-end sale to promote and complete the sales targets. The month-end sales campaign is a repeated process and he has to run the campaign every month. In those cases, a campaign can be launched at every end of the month, at that time he can launch the campaign using the Re-Launch feature of Apptivo’s Campaigns app.

Steps to Follow

  • Login and access the Campaign app from the Universal navigation bar.
  • Select the campaign to Re-Launch from the on the More Details to view the Overview page of the campaign.
Campaign App
  • In the overview page, click on the Re-Launch button.
  • It will navigate to the Re-launch campaign side panel. Now, you can view the Re-launch options as All Targets and Prioritized Targets.
  • All Targets - By selecting this, it will target the same list targeted for the previous campaign.
  • If you want to target the same list you can select the All Targets and check the targeted list summary in the Recent Launch summary.
Relaunch Campaign
  • Prioritize Targets - By selecting this, this will give an option to target the specified list like Targets added newly, Targets not delivered, Targets not open.
Prioritized Targets
  • For instance: If you want to relaunch the campaign only for the Targets not open, enable the toggle only for the Targets not open and click on the Re-Launch button.
Targets Not open

Note: If in case any changes are made in the existing list like email id changes, then go-to Targets and click on the Refresh button to update the changes.

  • Now, click on the Re-Launch button in the bottom right corner and you will be notified as Campaign Relaunched.
  • You can view the Launched campaign details in the Launch history on the bottom of the Campaign Overview Page.
Launch History