How do I View all Recipients who Clicked on an Email?

Updated on December 3, 2016 01:16AM by Admin

Once an email campaign is sent, you can view all Recipients who have clicked on it from the “Dashboard” tab. Apptivo offers you the ability to track and view the communication status of that email.

  • To view the recipients who clicked on that email, click on “Dashboard” tab present.
    click on dashboard
  • The Communication Status overview page will be displayed with the number of emails sent, delivered, opened, clicked. Here, click on “Details” of the “CLICKED” section, to view all recipients who have clicked on that email campaign.
    clicked communication status
  • Now, you can view all the recipients(Contacts, Targets, Leads, Customers, Employees) who have clicked on the email. Also you can manage them by clicking on “More Details(...)”.
    view clicked recipients