How can I synchronize Office 365 Email with Apptivo?

Updated on November 9, 2022 06:47AM by Admin

Sync is the best way to keep everything organized and you would not have to shift between the applications to check the emails. Microsoft has deprecated the basic authentication, so here we are with modern authentication which doesn’t require any app password to authenticate. Each of your emails gets synced with Apptivo just by authenticating, which is a simple process. Now let’s get your office365 account authenticated with Apptivo.

Recently we have been getting a lot of questions about how to integrate Office 365 to Apptivo email. So you can use Office 365 for your business email, which can be set up through Apptivo. Please note it will take some time to get authentication from Office 365. Only after getting the authentication, the email sync will work.

Steps to install Apptivo from Microsoft:

  • Log in to your Office365 account.
  • You need to install the Apptivo App from the Microsoft App Source to start syncing Emails. Go to Microsoft App Source, search for Apptivo from the search bar, and hit the Get it now button as shown below.
Microsoft - Apptivo Get now
  • Upon clicking, you’ll be asked for the confirmation of your email details, and click on Get it now.
Microsoft - Confirm Details
  • You’ll be redirected to the concern page, read the given points carefully, and click the Accept button.
Apptivo - Concern Accept
  • Now you’ll be taken to the Apptivo account and follow the below steps to authenticate your Microsoft account with Apptivo.

Steps to Authenticate:

  • Log into your Apptivo using your Microsoft account. and select Preferences from the user menu.
Apptivo - User Menu
  • On the preferences page, go to General → Email → Office365 and click on the Add button.
Apptivo - Off 365 Add
  • Upon clicking on add, you can add your Microsoft domain address and click on the Authenticate button as shown below.
Apptivo - Off 365 Authenticate
  • Now you see the Mail Address is added to the lists as shown below.
Email - Sync Added
  • By following the same procedure, you could add as many domains as you like. Click on the Edit icon as shown below.
Email - Edit
  • The sync will be enabled automatically, once the authentication is successful. The forwarding Email ID field will be visible once the sync is successfully enabled.
Email - Forwarding Email
  • Copy the Forwarding Email ID from your Apptivo account and paste it into the “Forwarding my Emails” field in Outlook Forwarding settings. Now, the emails will get synced with Apptivo.
Outlook - Paste Forward Mail Address
  • You can view the Last sync time from O365, the Status of O365 authentication(Active or Inactive), and history details of Authentication, Subscription, and Emails.
Apptivo - Off 365 Last Sync
You could also synchronize the Emails with Apptivo. Here’s how to do it.