How do I change Logo in Email Campaigns?

Updated on March 13, 2021 02:43AM by Admin

The Campaigns app of Apptivo strategizes the marketing strategy of your business. You can create basic, standard, and MJML templates depending on your prerequisite. In these templates, you can also inscribe your logos.

Steps to keep logos in templates

  • In the Campaigns app, select Settings from the app header. Go to Email → Email Templates → Any Template type.
  • Here, Basic Templates.
Campaigns app

  • Select Create and choose from the theme.
Select Theme

  • Once a theme or default template is selected, the Create Template page comes into view.
Create Template

  • Click the logo image and the Insert/Edit Image button is activated. Select it.
Select Image

  • The Insert/Edit Image popup appears. Browse and add the image. Here, you can add a description of the image and alter the dimensions.
  • Select ok.
Insert Image

  • The new logo is added to the template. Select create to complete creating the template.
Logo Changed

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