How do I configure Email theme in Campaigns App?

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This can be categorized as:

  • Standard Email Themes - Contains the default themes which can be copied and added to Customized for making further changes.
  • Customized Email Themes - Allows you to create new campaign email themes.

Steps to Create Campaigns Email Themes

  • Log in and access Campaigns App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on More icon(...) and select Settings.
  • Click on the Email and Email Templates and select the Basic Templates.
  • You can view the Standard and Customized email template Tabs on the overview page.
  • Under the Standard option, default themes are available which can be edited by clicking on Edit Icon.
Basic Templates
  • By clicking on the edit icon you can edit the basic standard email template as per your business need. Click here to know how to customize the standard email template.
Update email Template

Customized Templates

  • Under customized template options, a new theme can be created by clicking on the Create button.
  • In the Select theme pop up, you can view all the standard themes and customized themes.
  • By Selecting the Theme Category, you can categorize the Standard and Customized theme.
Select theme
  • You can choose any of the Available Themes for your email and click on Next Button.
Available themes
  • Add the Template Name of the email template.
Create email template
  • Available for Compose Email- By default this template will be available when composing an email. Toggle off to disable, if needed.
  • Available for Notes - By default, this template will be available when creating notes. Toggle off to disable, if needed.
  • Available for Campaign Email?- By default, this template will be available while creating a Campaign. Toggle off to disable, if needed. And click on Create Button to create the template.
  • Enter the Subject of the email template.
  • You can view the Palette on the Right side to customize the email template.
  • Under the Widgets, you can customize the template by adding the column, Line, Image, Media Share, Unsubscribe Link, and the Video widgets.
  • You can add the Bussiness, Contact, Customers, and the Leads Attributes to get a detailed customized theme.
  • Then, in the Souce Code, you can copy-paste your own source code or can edit the changes in the Souce code itself.
Source code
  • Click on the Preview button, to preview the created Template.
  • Click on the Create button to complete.
  • You can view the Customized Theme in the Customized theme list.

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