How do I View Previous Balance for my Customer in Invoices App?

Updated on June 2, 2023 06:24AM by Admin

You can view the invoice payment summary on the invoice creation page itself. This feature allows you to view "Previous Balance", "Existing Balance" and "Payment Received" information of a selected customer. Having past invoice balances and payments of your customers in the current invoice allows you to have better financial management along with improved customer management. This feature helps to keep track of past invoices and check whether the customer is paying the amount for their respective invoices. You can also able to make a better decision capability while invoicing your customers regarding the products and services.

  • Previous Balance: Shows the remaining pending balance of the previous invoices from the customers.
  • Existing Balance: Shows the current and past balance of invoices of the customer.
  • Payment Received: Shows only the amount received for the past invoices from the customers which doesn't include the current invoice payment even if it's paid.

In order to view this payment summary in the invoice, you need to enable the "Display payment summary in invoice" from Invoices App settings.

  • Go to the Settings page in the Invoices app and click on the Invoices → Invoice Payment Summary.
  • Enable the Toggle to view the payment summary.

View Payment Summary

  • Now, create an invoice for a new customer
  • Then, record the payment of the invoice by clicking on the Record payment button.
  • You can view the initial amount of payment summary.
  • Recorded payment for the created invoice.
Record Payment
  • Again, when you are creating a new invoice for the same customer, you can view the previous payment summary for the customer.
Previous Balance

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