How do I find views shared by others In answers app?

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It's easy for you to follow the mentioned steps above and managed the views section. The main idea behind a shared view session everywhere is to help you understand what other are saying or viewing about somehting you are dealing with or palnning. I have worked for an essay website and during the launching period what helped me mostly is the views shared by other experiend guys. So I hope you too make use of the shared views session in a positive manner to give a direction and perfection for your plan or product.

Have a draft for the views collected, choose effective ones and make a second list and then look for options to be added them in your proposed project areas. It works not only to ease your process but also to have new ideas. I hope that the views from experts are going to help you out as it did help me in the past.

  • Log in and access the Answers app from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the “Shared Views” from the left navigation panel.
Show All

  • The menu will expand to show a list of Views shared with you. Here, you can see Metals is selected.

  • On clicking Metals, the associated answers will come into view.
More Details

  • By clicking on the More Details, you can overview the answer.

  • Please note only those employees who have the privilege configured in the View Builder of the Settings page will be able to view the Shared Views.

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