How do I customize left panel views in Xinnect App?

Updated on October 31, 2020 08:17AM by Admin

Xinnect app allows you to personalize list under respective statuses. To view all these menus in the left navigation of the home page, you need to configure the settings of the Xinnect App,

Steps to Configure Left panel views

  • Log in and access Xinnect App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the "Settings" located at the app header bar.

  • On the Settings page, click on the Customize app and select "Views" from the left navigation panel.

  • In the Default Home Page View, by selecting the dropdown, you can customize the default home page view by Xinnect Home, Business Profile, Businesses Invited, Incoming Invitations, Customer Connections, and Deleted Connections.
Default Homepage

  • By selecting a page in the list, you can view that page as the default home page.
  • The Default Home is selected as Xinnect Home.

  • You can view the News Feed as the default page.
News Feed

  • Under the Left Panel Views, you can view the All Views and Enabled Views tab.
  • In the Enabled Views, you can view all the enabled views.
Left Panel Views

  • In the All Views tab, you can view all views inclusive of disabled views.
  • By default, all the menu types will be in the enabled state. Now, slide the Toggle OFF for the “Incoming Invitations”.
  • The changes made will be updated successfully.
Toggle off

  • Now, you can view only the enabled views in the left navigation panel of the dashboard (Incoming Invitations will not be displayed).

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