How can I Connect with Businesses?

Updated on June 28, 2022 03:47AM by Admin

Xinnect is an effective way of connecting customers to the business. Apptivo xinnect allows you to invite your customers as a new business collaboration.

Steps to Connect with Businesses:

  • Click on the Connect dropdown and you can see customer connections and suppliers connections. Here I would like to connect with customers so click on the Customer Connections.
Xinnect - Connect
  • You can view the list of customers who are not connected with your business on the "Invite your customers to connect with you" page.
Xinnect - Cus Lists
  • Click on the Select button to invite the contact of that customer.
Xinnect - Select
  • Click on the Invite button to invite customers to connect with your business.
Xinnect - Invite
  • You can view all invited customers in the Businesses Invited view.
Xinnect - Olivia