How do I customize shipping methods in the Orders app?

Updated on January 19, 2022 09:00PM by Admin

Orders App in Apptivo allows you to set the shipping fee for the Orders. You can make use of the Shipping Methods of Orders app to configure the different shipping methods along with their shipping price.

Steps to Customize Shipping Methods

  • Log in and access the Orders app from your Universal navigation menu bar.
  • Navigate to More → Settings located at the App header bar.
Orders App
  • You will be redirected to the Settings page. Click on Shipping Methods from the left navigation panel.
Shipping Fees
  • You can see the Shipping Method related settings in the right panel. Here, the Shipping Method is further divided into two methods.

Provider Shipping Method - This is used when shipping is carried out by any third party.

Self Shipping Method - This is used when shipping is carried out by self.

  • Consider creating a Self Shipping Method in the Orders App by clicking Add. From the available shipping methods, you can select the required Shipping Methods. Now, select Add.
Self Shipping
  • The selected Shipping Method is listed under Self Shipping Methods. Click on the Edit icon in Actions.
Shipment Method Created
  • In the Edit Self Shipping Method pop-up, add the Shipping Price. This price will appear in the Shipping and Handling Fee section while creating Orders.
Edit Shipping
  • Now create an Order in the Orders App. Here, select the desired Shipment Method and select the Item.
  • You can the Shipping Fees are populated automatically in Shipping and Handling. The price is added to the total charge.
Fee Populated

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