How can I Perform Bulk Actions in Contacts App?

Updated on March 24, 2022 08:24AM by Admin

Bulk actions allow you to edit several contacts simultaneously. These bulk actions are available in all list views in the Contacts App.

What bulk actions are available?

  • Update
    • Contact Details
    • Additional Information
    • Ref App fields
  • Email – Send an email to the selected contacts.
  • Export – Export selected contacts to an excel file with "All Fields" or "Current View".
  • Add to Target List – Add selected contacts to the target list.
  • Delete – Delete the selected contacts. But you can’t delete those contacts that are associated with other apps.

How can I execute a bulk action in Contacts App?

  • Select the Show All button from the left navigation panel.
Contacts - Show all
  • Select contacts you would like to modify.
  • We have selected Sabine, Kris, and Janis to update using bulk actions.
Contacts - 3 selected
  • On selecting a few contacts, the Bulk Actions button gets activated. Click on the button to view all the possible actions.
Contacts - Bulk Activated
  • Let’s say, we want to send emails to the selected contacts. Select Email from the drop-down menu.
Contacts - Email
  • You can view the Compose popup page, as shown in the image below:
  • Click on the Send button to complete.
Contacts - Send email
  • Similarly, you can perform several bulk actions on a set of contacts.