What are call logs in Apptivo CRM and how can they be easily montiored?

Updated on February 19, 2016 02:47AM by Admin

Call Logs are used to register the incoming or outgoing calls with more details. Call Logs plays the vital role in CRM section. Many small businesses dealing with leads, customers and business partners need to store all call information. Apptivo is the exact place where you can store this information before the call or during the call or after the call.

There are many details you can store here, they are

Call Logs Details:

Call subject will allow you to easily identify the call you made to whom. Since, the subject would notice as a label in the calendar. Call summary will give you the details of that call, you can summarize the call here and it will be useful for future reference if you contact the customer again. Choose who made the call, if it is a conference call you can select the employees who ever participated in the call. If you select the Billable check box, you can use that for billing purpose. Choose the call type from the dropdown either Incoming or outgoing.

Date & Time:

Choose the call date from the date picker, enter the start time and call duration in minutes.

Call Log Collaboration:

When registering a call log, you can associate with other apps. Say for instance, if you are registering a call log for a customer, you can choose Customers App and a particular customer name. Dual advantage here, you can look the call log details from the Home and in customers app also.