How do I Create Issues and Renewals for Created License?

Updated on January 30, 2017 01:44AM by Admin

You can create the issues and renewals for the created license in order to have the complete record of related license. This includes the memo issued information and renewed information. This information will be useful in the future to track the complete record of a particular license.

Steps to Create Issues and Renewals

  1. Go to License Tracker App.
  2. Click on "More Details" against the license tracker on which you would like to add "Issues and Renewals".
  3. You can view the license overview page with the issues and renewals section. 
  4. Click on “+” icon to add new "Issues & Renewals".
  5. Choose the issue date, the term in months or years and renewal date. 
  6. Make sure to click on “Save” button. 
  7. The created issues and renewal will be displayed in the list.
  8. You can "Edit" or "Delete" them using action icons.

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