How do I include multi-currency for my work orders?

Updated on April 20, 2018 12:46AM by Admin

Configuring multi-currency in Work Orders App is simple, and it allows you to set different currencies for work orders. See below for steps on how doing this.

Steps to Include Multi-currency in Work Orders

  1. Log in and click on "business settings from  the universal navigation bar.
    business settings
  2. Click on “Currencies" located at the left navigation panel.
  3. In "Currencies", Enable “Multi Currency” toggle.
    enable multi currency

  4. On enabling multi currency, you can select the required currency from the drop down.
  5. Conversion is to be done manually according to the base currency we set.
    create currency
  6. After updating the settings of the work order app, click “Create Work Order” and check the different types of currencies in a drop down list.

    view currencies

By default, all actions will use the default currency of your territory. But our multi-currency feature allows you to interact with businesses in other regions by switching certain apps to use their currency. This multi-currency option is available in the following apps: invoices, estimates, supplier invoices and sales receipts.

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