How do I View Sales Leads by Market?

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Its imperative to have a well-defined target marketing. Targeting a specific market does not ideally mean that you are excluding those consumers who do not meet your criteria.

Instead, target marketing allows you to chart out a business strategy where you would spend your marketing dollars and focus your brand message on a specific segment of market that's more likely to bring in more profit than your other market segments.

Target marketing is an affordable, efficient, efficient and lucrative way to reach out to your potential prospects, and clients to generate business.

To create a targeting marketing plan and strategies you need to be able to view the leads by market. Apptivo Leads app allows you to do so. Here you can also make the necessary changes such as reassigning the leads,  change the territory, change the estimates close date, change the lead status, send emails, add to target list.

You can also export the list to an excel sheet.

Lets quickly go through the steps.

Steps to View Leads by Market

  1. Log in and access Leads App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Select "Lists" drop down and then Click on “By Market” from the left navigation panel.
    By Market
  3. The menu will expand to show a list.
  4. Select a market from the drop down list. For instance: Corporate Furniture.

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