How do I Manage my Price List?

Updated on February 25, 2020 09:24PM by Admin

A Price list is used to define more than one price for an item. You could set different prices for different customers, say like you could sell a product at an offer price for your existing customers while with the retail price for new customers.

Steps to Manage Price List

  • Log in and access Pricing App from the universal navigation menu bar. Click on the Create button from the left navigation pane.

  • You can see the Create Price List page in the right navigation pane. Here, add a name, description, and currency. Then, click on create.
Create Price List

  • Now, select Show All from the left pane to view all the price lists created.
Show All

  • Select the record for which items have to be added.
Select Records

  • Click on Add in the Items list to add the items.
Add Items

  • Item Name: You will be redirected to the search tab. Here, select the type of coffee seeds.
  • Item Details: The current price and UOM is fixed as per the Items App. You can add a description of the Item.
  • Pricing History Information: You can use this section to add the pricing of a particular item during a particular date and time range.
Items Added

  • On clicking save, you can see the item added to the Item list. You can edit, view and delete it using the Actions tab.
Actions Tab

  • Similarly, you can add multiple items to a particular pricing record.
Multiple Items

  • The items added will be mapped to the Pricelist. On navigating to the Items App, select a particular item mentioned in the price list.
Price List

  • You can see the items are mapped from the E-Commerce section → Price List.

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