How do I Delete Contact Categories and Types?

Updated on May 16, 2020 06:09AM by Admin

Steps to Delete Contact Categories

  • Go to the Contacts App of Apptivo. Select Settings from the App Header.

  • In the Settings page, navigate to Contacts → Categories. The Categories page will display in the right panel.

  • To delete a category, click on the Delete icon.
Delete Category

  • You will receive a confirmation alert for performing this action. Select Yes.
Confirmation Message

  • The category will be deleted.
Deleted Forever

  • When a contact is created or an existing contact is updated, the deleted category will not materialize.
Create Contact

Steps to Delete Contact Types

  • Apptivo does not have the provision to delete Contact Types for now. However, you can disable a contact type that is not in use or not needed anymore.
  • In the Settings page of Contacts App, move to Contact Types in Contacts.
Contact Type

  • Select the disable icon for the Contact Type to be disabled.
Disable Icon

  • The Contact type is disabled. You will receive a notification confirming the change.
Type Disabled

  • The disabled contact type will not appear will creating or updating an existing contact.
Create Contact Type

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