What are some Common Errors to Check before Importing a CSV File?

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By default, Apptivo will identify most of the fields in your CSV file and map those attributes once you click on Import. Some other files need your attention to upload properly.
So, here are the checklists,

Some Common Errors to check before uploading a CSV file

  1. Ensure you have no line breaks anywhere within the file.  The import will only accept content on a single line inside of each cell.
  2. Add a column called “Lead Source”, where we define the source. For example, some leads as either “Organization Database” or “Legacy Web Leads”.
  3. Add a column called “Assignee”, this is where the email address of your employee goes (ex. lauren@teamexp.com)
  4. Strip any formatting from phone numbers. Just do a search and replace for these characters, (,) (-) (.)
  5. If the sheet contains data that doesn’t have a field in Apptivo, you need to create a custom attribute in the app first, and then it can be imported to.
  6. You have to make sure emails are correctly formatted to xxx@domain.suffix.
  7. Ensure that you filled all Mandatory fields in your CSV file.  For example, contacts upload require last name and customer upload require customer name or number or both.
  8. Fields like phone numbers and dates are validated against a special format.  So you cannot pass in value like “-“ or “$” in the field, it either needs to be empty or properly entered.
  9. Make sure your CSV file is separated with commas “,”.  Other separators, such as a semicolon “;” or pipeline “|”, will cause problems.

Click here for further details on uploading your CSV file into Apptivo

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