Where is the team members' information stored?

Updated on October 3, 2020 05:45AM by Admin

The Teams App of Apptivo allows you to add and manage the employees in a team without any trouble.

Steps to view the team members

  • Log in and access the Teams App from your universal navigation menu bar. Select any views from the left navigation panel to view the associated teams. Here, Show All.
  • The list of teams available will come into view.
Teams App

  • Click on the “More Details" icon near a particular team. For instance: HRD Team. You will be redirected to the overview page.

  • On scrolling down, you can see the Employee section listing all the employees who are part of the team.
Employee Section

  • By clicking the More Details icon of a particular employee, you will be redirected to the employee’s profile in the Employees app.
Employees App

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