How do I add and update requirements in projects?

Updated on January 5, 2023 09:10PM by Admin

Requirements mean something physically or functionally required for carrying out a particular process of work. In the Projects App, you can create or add related requirements for carrying out the project successfully.

Steps to Add and Update Requirements:

  • Log in and access the Projects App in your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Select the project on which you would like to add and/or update the requirements. Click on More Details(...).
Projects - More Details
  • In the project’s overview, click on the Scope tab.
Projects - Scope Tab
  • Navigate to the Scope tab and click on the Add button under related requirements.
Projects - Add Requirements
  • Add requirements from the list by searching and click on the Add button.
Project - Added Requirement in Project
  • You can also update the requirement added to the project by using the More Details(...) icon found nearby the requirement.
Projects - Requirement More Details
  • Once you've clicked the more details, You’ll be redirected to the corresponding Requirement overview, where you can make the changes as per your business requirements.
Requirements - Edit requirements

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