How to Access and Analyze the Data Table within the Chart?

Updated on December 4, 2023 06:34AM by Admin

Imagine you're analyzing a complex set of financial performance charts. To unveil the data of the charts, simply click the "Show Data Table" icon to view the records beneath the chart. The "All" tab provides a comprehensive overview of all the data of the configured chart. However, to delve deeper into granular insights, you can click on a particular bar of the chart, representing sales for a specific month. This targeted table view allows you to focus precisely on the data relevant to your analysis.

Steps to Configure the Chart

  • Access the "Opportunity" app and navigate to "Settings" followed by "Intelligence charts" within Apptivo CRM.
  • Click the "Create" button to start configuring a new chart. Choose "Column Chart" from the array of available options.
  • Provide a distinct name for the column chart. In this instance, it's titled "Opportunities Won”.
  • Provide the privileges (access role to employees) and click the “Enabled” Toggle.
  • Configure the chart with the help of the right panel in the “Inspector” Tab.
  • After configuration, the chart is now created.
  • Navigate to “Intelligence” then navigate through "Dashboard" and select "App." Create a dedicated dashboard for the previously configured chart, adjusting settings within the “Inspector” Tab.
  • In the dashboard interface, drag and drop the chart you've created from the right panel into either the One Column or Two Column section. This action finalizes the configuration of the dashboard for the column chart.
  • Go to the opportunities home page and select the "Dashboard" tab to access the created dashboard displaying the total number of opportunities won.
  • Click the "Show Data Table" icon on the top right corner of the chart to reveal a data table below the charts.
  • The "All" tab in the table provides an overview of all “Won Opportunities” (data associated with the chart).
  • For specific data within individual columns, click the column to open a separate tab within the data table. Say, if you click a column from the month of “Feb-2023”, data associated with that particular month will be displayed in a separate tab named “Feb-2023” next to the ‘all’ tab.
  • Clicking the "Show Data Table" icon again hides the data table.
  • To export the data from the table, select the records and click on the Bulk Action -> Export option. You can also customize the displayed fields by clicking on the "Display" dropdown. Additionally, you can sort the table in your preferred sequence.


  • This feature is available only if the chart is configured on the one-column and two-column sections of dashboards.
  • The export option supports only .csv format.