How do I add the Bill of Materials in the Orders App?

Updated on November 27, 2023 11:43PM by Admin

The Bill of Materials (BOM) functionality within the Apptivo Orders App empowers you to seamlessly integrate detailed product structures configured in the Items App into your orders. Let’s walk through the steps to create an Order with the Bill of Materials. Click Here to learn more about creating classes and choices in the Items App.

Steps to add the bills of materials

  • Login and access the Orders app from the universal menu. Create a new Order.
  • You will be redirected to the Create Orders page. Add the information related to your Order.
Sales Stage History
  • Scroll down to the Products/Items Sold table. Click the search icon to add a configurable item from the Items App.
  • Once the item is selected, the BOM side panel will open, displaying the associated class and choice items for the selected item.
  • Choose the specific class and choice items you wish to include in the order by clicking the "select" button. The selected items will be moved to the designated section within the BOM side panel.
  • The included item will be marked as mandatory and selected by default.
  • Here, you can adjust each item's quantities within the Bill of Materials on the selection items section as needed.
  • The item is added to the Products/Items Sold table.
  • You can view the Bill of Materials by clicking the expand icon.
  • On clicking Create , a new Order is created for a configurable item with the Bill of Materials.
  • The Bill of Materials information will be listed.

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