How to Set Up a Sort Range in the Work Orders App?

Updated on July 25, 2023 06:25AM by Admin

The Sort Range feature of Apptivo work orders app aimed at offering users a selection of predefined sorting options. The predefined sorting solution is designed to select the created sort range and apply the sort for both standard and custom views.

A company uses a Work Orders app to effectively manage and track a large number of work orders. They have a large number of work orders, and it becomes challenging to find and organize them effectively. To address this issue, users can set predefined sorting on records for better visibility and ease of use.

Step to create Sort Range

  • Login and access the Work Orders app from the Universal Menu.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and Select Settings.
  • In the Settings page, Click on the Customize App and Select the Sort Ranges.
  • Click on Create Button.
  • The Create Sort Range side panel shows on the screen. Add the name and description.
  • In the Sort Column, the user can select the attribute based on which the sorting is done.
  • The sorting can be either in Ascending order (A→Z) or Descending Order(Z—>A).
  • Here, the condition is based on the Work order status in Ascending order by selecting the sort order.
  • The user can create more than one attribute for sorting.
  • The user can click on “Sort by” and select the column field to be sorted, Additionally the user can also choose another field in the “Then by” option to simultaneously sort the specified list.
  • "Sort by" establishes the primary sorting criteria, and "Then by" allows for additional sorting criteria to be applied to the specified list/data table.
  • Click on the “Create” Button. One can view the created sort ranges on the list.
  • Now navigate to the “Show all” page in the work orders app. Here, the user can see the sort feature that has been added. Select the dropdown to choose the desired sort order.
  • The table records will be aligned based on the desired sorting order.


  • The user can edit or delete the sort range from the “settings”.
  • In order to set the created “sort range” as a default one, users can go to the list layout feature and set the sort ranges for various layouts.
  • When any sort range is created then the “Sort” dropdown will be displayed here.
  • This layout when set as default for any views ( settings -> views ) then the view will be displayed with the sorted value automatically.