How do I update the case status automatically based on sent emails?

Updated on May 29, 2023 02:34AM by Admin

Using the cases app, you can automatically update the status of the case with ease. You can automate the status updation in three different ways as follows:

  • Triggers - when the set trigger criteria are met, the case status will be automatically updated.
  • eSign - The case status will be updated based on the status of the signing document.
  • Email - By sending an email, the case status will be updated based on the set configuration.

In this post, we are going to see, how to automatically update the status of a case through email! Let’s go through the below steps.

Steps to enable Auto Status Update:

  • For that, go to Cases App and select Settings > Status, and select the statuses, you would like to get updated automatically.
  • In this scenario, While sending an email to a customer to request additional information regarding case, therefore I want to have the case status to be updated automatically to “On Hold” along with Tag association to the sent email.
  • Therefore, you can configure the system to automate the process by using the below steps:
  • Now in the edit status page, Enable the “Automatic status update based on sent Emails” to have the option to update the case status automatically from the email compose page.
  • Additionally, you can also predefine the tag which you want to associate with emails based on the status. For that, select the required tags using the Associate tags with emails dropdown.
Cases Status edited video


  • Using this feature, you can only associate Global tags automatically while sending emails. Additionally, you can also associate the tags manually while composing emails to have an organized view of the email based on the assigned tags.
  • You can set the actual meaning of the status as “Open” or “Closed” from the status settings. Example: You prefer to keep the case status as ”Open” until you get the necessary details from the customer to officially close the case.
  • You can generate email reports based on tags in the Cases app.

Steps to update the case status while sending an email:

  • Log in and access the Cases App and select any case, that you want to send a mail to, using More Details(...).
  • On the case overview page, click on the Email tab, or you can click on the Email button to compose a mail.
  • Now on the Emails page, click on the Compose button.
  • On the compose page, along with the email subject and content. You can perform certain actions like:
    • Send - The mail will be sent to your customers.
    • Send & Close - The mail will be sent to your customers, the case will be closed, and the status will be changed to Closed.
    • Send & Close Dropdown - If you would like to update the status of your case, you can select the status and send the mail.
  • If any status is configured to get associated with tags, the respective tags will get associated once after the email is sent.
  • Here, I would like to update the status of the case as “On Hold” automatically as I need some more information from the customer to close this case.
  • So, I’m selecting the “On Hold & Send” option from the dropdown to send the email to the customer.
  • Now the email will be sent and the status of the case has changed automatically to “On Hold” through email as shown below:
  • The sent email will also be associated with the selected tags.
Cases Email Auto Updation