How do I Generate a report of Emails sent by my Customers?

Updated on May 11, 2023 11:50PM by Admin

By using the Reports feature in Apptivo’s Cases app, you can generate reports based on different criteria to get insights into your data. One of them is generating reports on Emails sent by your customers by applying tags, sender domains, and many more. This will help to keep track of all customer emails that are responded within an SLA and prioritize the high-valued customers with their concerns or queries regarding your product and services.

Steps to generate a report:

  • Log in and access the Cases App from the universal navigation bar and click on the Reports icon.
Cases - Email Messages Report icon


You can generate the reports on the emails based on the configured mail address in Email to Case Configuration, using Cases Metrics for Receiver. Whereas you can generate the reports based on the customer’s domain or mail addresses using the Cases Metrics for Sender.

  • Here, let’s generate a report for Sender Domain. Go to Cases Metrics for Sender → Emails Messages from the reports page.
  • Provide the following information:
    • Sender Domain - Use this field to filter the reports based on your customer’s domain address.
    • Sender Email Id - To filter the reports based on your customer’s email address.
    • Case Closed By - Displays the name of the employee who closed the case.
    • Tags - Use this field to filter the emails based on tags. Both Collaboration and Global tags will be listed from the dropdown.
    • Start Date - Start Date.
    • End Date - End Date.
Cases - Sender Metrics Email Messages
  • If you want to categorize the email based on preference or type, you can manually associate tags while sending the emails.
  • Here, I would like to generate the report for the emails that are received from the domain “” with the tags Enhancement Request, Issue Report, Premium Customers, and High Valued Customers.
  • Click on the View Report button to view the report on the dashboard.
Cases - Tags and View Report
  • In the report, you’ll be provided with the following columns:
  • You can find the report of From, To, and Subject along with the Sent and received time of the emails with their respective SLA name.
    • Actual Response Time: The actual time taken by an employee to respond to an email.
    • Elapsed Time: Email Response Time is calculated on a 24*7 basis regardless of the work shift or SLA service hours provided in the email-to-case configuration.
    • Time Taken to Respond: Email Response Time is calculated based on a work shift. If the work shift is not given in the email to case configuration, service hours in SLA will be considered.
    • Is Email Auto Closed: When the case is closed automatically through email Send & Close, or Trigger then it is marked as Yes. Similarly, When the case is closed manually the value will be No.
    • Case Closed by: Displays the name of the employee who closed the case.
    • Date Closed: Closed date of the case.
    • Email Tag: Displays a list of tags that are associated with an email.
Cases - Email Generated Report
  • Click on the Export button to export the generated reports. You can also reset the given values using the Reset option.
Cases - Email Report Export button
  • Upon clicking on the export button, the reports will be downloaded in a CSV sheet as shown below:
Cases - Email Report Exported sheet