Why did my Office365 email authentication fail with Apptivo?

Updated on February 15, 2023 08:40PM by Admin

Authenticating your Office365 email with Apptivo allows you to sync your inbox and sent emails. With the help of this, you could keep track of your emails on any of the platforms while taking care of your business. Sometimes, you might face authentication failure issues. This will happen due to many reasons, let’s see how it’s resolved!

Sent folder mismatch:

In some instances, the authentication might fail due to the mismatch in the names of the sent folders of Apptivo and Office365. As Office 365 has the ability to change the default language of the app as per your preferences, sometimes it may lead to the failure of authentication with Apptivo. Make sure to have English as the default language in Office 365.

New Account:

If your account is new in office365, it might take some time to set up your account to activate the sync between Apptivo and Office365. You need to try authenticating after a few hours.

Note: Still, if you face any issues with authentication, please contact your administrator.