How to view all the tags from the left panel in Tasks?

Updated on December 16, 2022 05:18AM by Admin

Tags are the easiest way to categorize the records. Having the tags sorted is also important since it makes your search simpler. You could find the tags in alphabetical order by using the tags directory in the left panel view. By clicking on any tag, you will see all the corresponding records as per the selected tag.

Steps to view the Tags:

  • Log in and access the Tasks App from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Here, view the list of tags in alphabetical order, by clicking on By Tags option from the left panel.
Tasks - By Tags
  • By clicking on the By Tags dropdown, the first 30 tags will appear in alphabetical order. To view all the tags , scroll down and click on the View More option.
Tasks - View More
  • Upon clicking the view more, you can see the Tags directory on the side panel, where all the created tags will be presented in alphabetical order.
By Tags All
  • By clicking on any tag, you will get all the corresponding records of that specific. Use the Search bar to find the tags you need.
Tasks - Search Tag